Kristen & Her Brother, Shitboy

Kristen was downstairs texting her boyfriend Michael.
Two boys from school came and knocked on the door.
“My parents aren’t home,” Kristen said.
“It’s not like we’re going to rape you,” they said.
She laughed and let them in.
One boy, Brad, showed her a condom. Kristen screamed. She was joking.
Kristen went back into the living room. She lay back on the couch and kept texting.
Brad sat in a chair. Ben sat on the couch at Kristen’s feet.
Kristen’s little brother Kevin was upstairs when the doorbell rang. He came out to the top of the stairs and watched the boys come inside. He went downstairs into the room where they were.
Ben had his hand on Kristen’s feet. “Is that your little brother?” he said.
Kristen kicked Ben’s hands off her feet.
“Kevin,” said Kristen. “Where’s your patch? You’re supposed to be wearing it right now.”
“I’m wearing it upstairs,” said Kevin.
“Go upstairs then,” said Kristen.
Kristen looked at her phone and said, “Michael’s such a faggot.”
Ben said, “Your boyfriend’s a dick.”
Brad said, “Tell him it’s an orgy.”
“No,” Kristen said.
“Tell him,” Brad said.
Kristen told Kevin to make popcorn.
“Kevin,” said Brad.
Kevin waited.
“What,” said Kevin.
Brad turned around to face Kevin.
“Hi,” Brad said.
“Kevin,” said Kristen. “Make popcorn or I’ll tell Mom and Dad what you’re playing.”
“What’s Kevin playing?” asked Brad.
“Some horrible violent game.”
Kevin took a pack of popcorn out of a drawer.
“Your sister can be a real bitch, can’t she?” said Brad.
Ben moved his hands back over Kristen’s feet.
Kevin opened the popcorn, put it in the microwave and pressed popcorn. Brad turned back around in the Lazy Boy to face the TV. “What the fuck are we watching?” he said.
Kristen looked at her phone and said, “Fuck you Michael. He’s always texting me fucking asking where are you? who are you with? are you cheating on me?”
“Tell Michael I said he’s a faggot,” Ben said.
“Send Michael a pic of my dick,” Brad said.
Kristen shook her head. “He’ll come over and kill us all.” She looked serious. Then she smiled.
Brad threw the condom at Kristen. “Send him that,” he said.
Kristen took a picture of the condom. She laughed.
“You send it?” Brad asked.
Kristen laughed.
The microwave beeped. Kevin took the popcorn out of the microwave and got a bowl. He poured some for himself and started to head upstairs.
Kristen watched him. “Bring us some, dickweed,” she said.
Kevin got out more bowls.
“Hey,” said Ben. “Wait. Kevin.”
Kevin waited.
Ben didn’t look at Kevin, he looked at Kristen. “Is this the little brother with the shit problem?”
Kristen kicked his shoulder. “Don’t,” she said.
“No. I mean it. This is Shitboy right?”
“He doesn’t have a shit problem,” said Kristen. She told Kevin to wash his hands.
Kevin said he already had.
Ben asked Kevin if he’d really washed his hands.
Kevin ignored him.
Ben laughed. “Didn’t you step in his shit once?”
“Don’t remind me,” she said.
Ben poked his fingers between her toes. She cracked up and kicked him. He laughed and leaned toward her. He ran his hand up her legs. She sat upright. “No,” she said. He ran his other hand up. Kristen kicked him hard in the stomach and sat upright.
Ben hunched into the kitchen. He leaned with his head on the counter. Brad laughed at him.
“Kristen,” said Brad. He framed his hands on his crotch. “Two words.”
“Dick. Pic,” said Brad. “Shit’ll drive him wild.”
Kristen laughed.
Brad got out of the Lazy Boy and made eye contact with Kristen.
Kristen shook her head and lay flat on the couch.
Ben came over to Kristen but sat on the floor and leaned his head back on Kristen’s hip. Kristen groaned but adjusted herself and said, “There.”
Ben ate some popcorn from Kevin’s bowl. “Your sister have boys over a lot?”
Kevin muttered inaudibly.
“No?” Ben said.
Kevin shook his head.
“Is that right?” Ben said.
Kristen yelled and laughed with her hands over her mouth. “Fuck. Him!” she said. She showed Brad her phone. Brad got up on his knees and leaned over her. They read the text aloud together, “u fucking slut.”
Kristen rolled off the couch laughing and Brad said, “Gimme.” Kristen dropped her phone. Kristen pulled on Brad’s hands—Brad saying, “Let me,” grabbing—Kristen gave up. Brad turned around and flashed a picture. “Sent,” he said.
Brad gave it back. A gray-boxed ellipsis under a crotch shot of jeans and a belt.
“Whatever,” she said. “That’s not a dick pic, you pussy.”
“Slut,” Brad said. He tickled her. She laughed.
“Does he still wipe his shit on the walls?” Ben said.
“Shut up, Ben,” said Kristen.
Kevin started to leave.
Ben grabbed the newspaper left on the counter and laid it out on the floor.
“Shit for us,” Ben said.
Brad looked for Kristen’s phone. Kristen had it between her legs. Brad pushed his hands between her legs and took her phone.
He pointed it at Kevin and told him to shit. He videoed Kevin standing beside a spread of newspaper and told Kevin to shit.

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