Deep Overstock: The National Booksellers Journal, PDX 2017 – present
1001 Literary Journal, PDX 2015 – 2016 – 2018
Portland State University Honors College Academic Journal, PDX 2014 – 2015

Developmental Editor:
Calling Magic, a novel by Kummam AlMaadeed – 2018
The Mask of Tomorrow, a novella by Erick Mertz – 2018
Bright Morning Star, a novel by Molly Race – 2018
Princess Mei, a novel by HH – 2018
Sexual Health and Healing, a webinar by Jada Foster – 2018
A Widow’s Tale, a novella by Erick Mertz – 2018
Crescent City, a novel by Janis Scott – 2018
Borderlands, a novel by Ryan Shane Lopez – 2018
The Wisconsins of Lansing, Michigan, short stories by Lily Walsh – 2018
Willow Locke, a novel by Isaac Peterson – 2018
Soul Trek, a novel by Herman Hoff – 2018
Life of Pear, a novel by Michael Collins – 2018
Last Days of Summer, a novel by Janis Scott – 2017
The Warning Angels, a novel by Janis Scott – 2017

Portland Review, PDX 2014 – 2014

Writing Instructor:
Independent Publishing Resource Center Certificate Program PDX 2016 – 2017
Late Night Poems PDX 2016 – 2018

Managing Editor, Roosevelt High School Publishing Program PDX 2014 – 2015

Bookseller, Powell’s City of Books, Young Adult & Middle Grade, PDX 2015 – 2017

News Writer, Vanguard, PDX 2013 – 2014

Writing & Math Tutor, YMCA Kailua-Kona, HI 2007


Western Governor’s University
M Ed Instructional Design

UC Berkeley Extension
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Creative Writing
Specializing in American fiction and short stories

Portland State University Honors College
Bachelor of Arts in sociology and philosophy
Minor in writing
GPA: 3.8 cum laude

PSU Honors Thesis in Creative Writing
Advisor: Leni Zumas

Editorial Freelancers Association Certificate in Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing
Book Mapping

Wesleyan University Certificate in Fiction Writing

Smart Majority Certificate in Romance Writing

Oxford University Trinity
Four Week Intensive TEFL Certificate w/ 20 Hours Observed Teaching

120 Hour TESOL Certificate

Independent Publishing Resource Center Creative Writing Certificate
Certificate Program Fellow

Attic Institute Writers Workshop. Portland, OR


My Name is Andy by Andy Anderson – 2017
1001 Literary Journal – 2016, 2017, 2018
IPRC Prose Anthology – 2016
Late Night Pomes Anthology – 2016
Late Night Pomes Prompts – 2016
“Match Books” – 2016
Anthos Literary Journal 2015


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PSU Vanguard: “APSUS Tackles Institutional Memory Loss” “Visiting Authors Examine ‘Dollarocracy’“ “New PSU Student Union Holds First General Assembly” “PSU Professor Asks: ‘What will ‘Obamacare’ mean?’ “ “Welsh Writers Eager for Attention, Clarity” “SEIU and OUS Reach Tentative Contract Agreement” “Economics Department Seminar will Explore ‘Obamacare’“

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