Robert was one of about fifteen people to read the first draft of my novella when I submitted to a writing workshop in 2013. Of those fifteen, he was probably the only one to be genuinely excited about it. While that early version was admittedly a mess riddled with faults and contradictions, Robert caught the vision. He saw the potential in the raw materials. Five years later, it has been a joy to work with him again on that same novella. He showed overwhelming affirmation for the significant changes and developments I’d made while still recognizing new possibilities and pushing for the work to go further. He diligently sought to meet my needs and to treat my story as it asked to be treated, but at the same time provided the critical perspective of a reader and editor, helping me to catch and address issues that I otherwise would have overlooked. As an editor, Robert is passionate, considerate, and insightful. These qualities, plus his wide variety of interests and experiences make him an invaluable asset.

—Ryan Shane Lopez, author of The Borderlands Trilogy

It was a pleasure to work with Robert Eversmann on my most recent manuscript, and I would recommend him to anyone in need of editorial guidance on their writing projects. Reviewing Mr. Eversmann’s notes, I felt he truly understood my vision for the story. His straight-forward and insightful feedback on the characterization, plot, and writing style of my novel, as well as his enthusiastic attitude toward the project as a whole, inspired me to pursue publication. Speaking from personal experience, it’s rare to find such an editor with whom I am “on the same page.” I will certainly hire Mr. Eversmann for future projects.

—Herman Hoff, author of Soul Trek

In my head I held on to a story. I finally put words on paper and realized that I needed help. I had questions: Would the beginning of my story catch the reader’s attention? Were the characters believable? Robert has helped me answer all of these questions in a cohesive, straightforward manner. But, above all of this, he has helped me add depth and honesty to my story. He nudges you along in a supportive and, ‘of course you can do this,’ way.

—Janis Lee Scott, author of The Warning Angels

Bobby is a helpful and tenacious editor, with insights that will improve all work that comes under his scrutiny. He has an eye for maintaining a writer’s voice, improving a text without leaving it soulless and unrecognizable to the author. You will also have the pleasure of working with a true professional. I’d share anything with him.

–C Christopher Hart, author of EXOPLANETARY and Funny Papers

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