Deep Overstock Structures “The Mother Dome”  “Tales of Old Soldier”  “The Factory”  “The Fathers”  “The Fist”  “The Wall”  “The Well”  “The Sink”
Deep Overstock Horror — “The Vampire”  “The Cook”  “The Undertaker”  “The Naked Father”  “The Puppet”  “The Prophet”  “The Bush”  “The Baby”  “The Floor”
Deep Overstock Westerns — “For I’m the Greatest Sinner”  “The Nightmare”  “The Executioner”  “Little Cowboys”  “The Sore” “The Cowboy Thinks He is Better than God” “The Cowboy Convinces Us of God”
Deep Overstock Nautical Lore — “The Whale”
TXTOBJX — “Black Mask”
Work Magazine — “Park Service”
Deep Overstock Paranormal Romance  — “I Need You Like I Need a Hole in the Sky” “My Little Man” “Edward” “Ghost Monkey”
Mannequin Haus — “Tree Mother” “Goo Mother” “Man Mother”
Deep Overstock Fairy Tales — “Two-Headed Troll”
Pom Pom Lit — “Dads Digging Holes”
Deep Overstock Space Exploration — “Friendship 7”
Sledgehammer — “Ron the Man”
SUSAN/The Journal  — “Our Beards”  “Tim Lifts Heavy Rocks”
fog machine — “The Boy Nun”  “Mary Who Loved Skipping Rocks”  “Benny Benson”
Fiction Southeast — “Dead Horses”
Portland Review 2017 — “Kristen and Her Brother, Shitboy
Crabfat Magazine 2017 — “Pizza”
Baby Shoes Anthology — “On Spilling on the MAX”
Scribendi 2015 — “Portland Paranormal”
Scribendi 2014 — “Now Listen”
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